Awaken Chaos Era Codes (May 2023): Free EXP & Gold

Want to get free rewards in Awaken Chaos Era? Check out this article and learn about Awaken Chaos Era codes. Here are the active and expired ones for May 2023!

Awaken Chaos Era Codes
All the Awaken Chaos Era codes can be found right here! | © Awaken Chaos Era

While unlocking heroes in Awaken Chaos Era sounds like an easy task, it's much more complex than you might think. You need to spend long hours playing the game and put in a lot of effort to get all the Awaken Chaos Era heroes. Still, the process might be simplified if you use Awaken Chaos Era codes for free rewards.

By reading this guide, you'll learn everything about codes the codes Awaken Chaos Era. The article includes a list of active & expired codes, instructions for redeeming codes, and the source of new codes in Awaken Chaos Era. It's helpful for everyone who wants to get Awaken Chaos Era free rewards.

How To Redeem Codes In Awaken Chaos Era

Before you learn the active and expired Awaken Chaos Era codes, let's look at how to redeem codes in Awaken Chaos Era. The process is straightforward and won't take more than 5 minutes of your time.

  1. Open Awaken Chaos Era.
  2. Enter the main menu and press the orange cross in the top-right corner of the screen.
  3. From here, navigate to Settings.
  4. Select Account - Redemption Code.
  5. Insert the code into the particular text box inside the appeared window.
  6. Press the button to Confirm and get your free rewards.
Awaken Chaos How to Redeem Codes
Use this codes menu to redeem Awaken Chaos Era codes. | © Century Games Limited

If, for some reason, the code doesn't work, make sure to check the spelling multiple times. As we cannot check and update our articles daily, there is a slight chance that the code has expired. Feel free to ping us about it in the comments so that we can solve a mistake.

Awaken Chaos Era Active Codes (May 2023)

Want to get free Awaken Chaos Era codes? Check out the list below to learn all the working Awaken Chaos Era codes.

  • FOODY – Use the code for Foody
  • ACE777 - Use the code for 100 Diamond, 100,000 EXP Jelly, and 10,000 Gold
  • fullspeedahead – Use the code for 10 Meal Coupons, 10 Legendary Matrix Chests, 100 Epic Matrix Chests
  • ACEEXP – Use the code for x2 EXP 1 hour
  • Hello100 – Use the code for 100 Normal Summoning Crystal
  • whosyourdaddy – Use the code for Zachary (Requirements – Player lvl 5)
  • Ineedadoctor – Use the code for Abbott (Requirements – Player lvl 5)
  • ACEDC – Use the code for 3 Advanced Summoning Crystal (Requirements – Player lvl 10)
  • ACEFB – Use the code for 3 Advanced Summoning Crystal (Requirements – Player lvl 10)
  • godfery – Use the code for 10,000 Gold, 300 Diamond, 5 Meal Coupons, and 3 Advanced Summoning Crystal ( Requirements - Player lvl 10)
  • WINTERISCOMING – Use the code for 250,000 EXP Jelly, 5 Special Gear Charm, 50,000 Gold, and 5 Meal Coupons (Requirements – Player lvl 10)
  • RAMOZTEMPLE – Use the code for 3 Advanced Summoning Crystal, 5 Meal Coupons, 1 Special Gear Charm (Requirements – Player lvl 15)
  • THESUNPYRAMID – Use the code for 3 Advanced Summoning Crystal, 5 Meal Coupons, and 100 Diamonds (Requirements - Player lvl 20)

As you can see, some codes in Awaken Chaos Era have level requirements. Don't worry about it. You can meet these requirements and get your free rewards quickly.

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Awaken Chaos Era Expired Codes (May 2023)

There are also many Awaken Chaos Era expired codes. Check the list below, and you'll learn more about them.

  • LevelUp
  • Swordout

If someone suggests you use these codes, don't waste your time doing it. Also, don't believe that these codes might become working again.

Where Do You Get Awaken Chaos Era Codes?

We understand that rewards from codes might be insufficient for some players. If you are one of them, visit the following developer's social media:

Here you can discover the latest Awaken Chaos Era codes and news about game updates, events, and giveaways.

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