PewDiePie's Twitch Account Got Banned

Felix "PewDiePie" Kjellberg has a Twitch channel which he seldom uses, but in March 2023 it started back up, but now his account has been banned by Twitch.

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Twitch Banned PewDiePie! | © PewDiePie

PewDiePie is one of the most famous YouTubers on the platform and has made millions throughout his career. Now he's retired to Japan and awaiting the birth of his first child. But the man is in the news once more, this time for being banned on Twitch.

What exactly did PewDiePie do to get banned off the platform, and when exactly did he start streaming on Twitch again? He's been living the retired life to the fullest with Vlogs being his main type of content creation these days.

Twitch Bans PewDiePie

In March 2023, PewDiePie's Twitch account, which had laid dormant for a while now, seemed to have come back to life. Instead of Pewds streaming though, the account simply showed off old YouTube videos in a 24-hour loop, with some Trailer Park Boys episodes thrown in as well.

This 24-hour loop Twitch account has officially been banned according to the StreamerBans Twitter account.

With the account simply running old videos from PewDiePie, many fans speculate that it got banned due to some older videos of Pewds violating the Terms and Services of Twitch.

YouTube has more loose terms of service according to some fans who are currently speculating why the content creator got banned. Therefore, some believe that older videos of Pewds could get him banned off Twitch, like when he had played "Yandere Simulator" back in 2015.

If any videos of that series had made it onto Twitch, it's highly likely that the platform will automatically ban him and with this simply being a constant loop of videos, and PewDiePie having hundreds online, there might not have been a proper filtration system done to weed out the more controversial videos that are still up on his channel.

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