LoL: Tyler1 Receives Further Backlash For In-Game Behavior

Tyler1 really isn't having the best of times right now. He made it to Challenger on the EUW server, but since then there has been nothing but controversy following the streamer.

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LoL: Tyler1 is not reformed, judging by these screenshots. | © Tyler1

Tyler1 might have made it to Challenger on the EUW LoL server, but there has been nothing but controversy following the infamous streamer since then. A few weeks ago screenshots of his chat logs leaked to Reddit, which has prompted Riot to react.

Now, even more evidence of his behavior has come to light and have reached the top pages of Reddit. Will even more punishment follow for the infamous streamer?

LoL: Tyler1 In-Game Behavior Screenshots Leaked

League of Legends is a stressful game, filled with trolls and with griefers, especially for well-known players like Tyler1. Playing under those conditions can really turn someone into a nasty piece of sh*t themselves, that's understandable, but the most recent images have people wondering whether his behavior is just due to trolls.

A Redditor posted their interaction with Tyler online, explaining that the game in question was Tyler's first of the night and that the game was winnable.

The play happened within the first few minutes of the game when the enemy team invaded, got one kill which the support claimed. This play prompted Tyler to flash in place, sell his items and basically tell his team that it's unwinnable.

The Redditor even gave a link to the VOD of the game, as well as a screenshot of Tyler's items. This reaction likely stems from the bot laner not banning Draven as Tyler had asked him to in the pick/ban phase.

The Reddit post has gone viral. Many believe that Riot will let this behavior continue to slide, due to the immense reach Tyler has and the fan base he brings to League of Legends.

Others are also calling out other players who had previously defended Tyler and his behavior due to trolls and griefers, when clearly this time he went off the rails completely unprovoked.

Whether you love him or hate him, one thing is for sure, there is never a boring moment when Tyler1 is involved. Let's wait and see whether Riot reacts to his in-game behavior or whether they're going to simply have a talk with him once more.

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