The Top 5 Most Impactful Dota 2 Support Heroes

Dota 2 rubick
Rubick is popular in the pro scene for a reason. (Credit: Valve Corporation)

There are currently 120 heroes available in Dota 2 and a huge part of them can be played as supports. In fact, every hero can be a support, it's just that some are better than others. Today we'll take a look at the top 5 most impactful support heroes in Dota 2!

If you wanted to carry but your role just got snatched by one of your teammates, worry not. You can still be a game-changer by supporting and we're not talking simply putting down wards for your team. Here are the top five most impactful Dota 2 heroes that'll make everything a lot more fun.

Lich jiang shi
Lich is an excellent mix of offense and defense. (Credit: Valve Corporation)


It wouldn't be a support list without the frost mage. Lich is an absolute nuisance in the early game as he can just spam Frost Blast and slowly harass you out of the lane. Things get even better in the mid-game when he has access to Chain Frost as it can easily win you a fight. Pair it up with Grimstroke's Soulbind for double the fun. Frost Shield can protect not only heroes but also your base and buy you enough time to make a comeback. Sinister Gaze is just the cherry on top.

Witch doctor dota 2
Oh yeah, look at it go! (Credit: Valve Corporation)

Witch Doctor

Who called the doctor? Witch Doctor is one of the most fun-to-play supports out there. Each of his skills can tip the scales in your favor. Paralyzing Cask is excellent in team fights before the enemy team gets BKBs and Voodoo Restoration can sustain your team during a long siege. Maledict is will make enemies think twice and Death Ward is just insane if nobody interrupts you. Then there's the Aghanim's Shard upgrade which is another Death Ward that also makes you invulnerable.

Cm dota 2
If Lich wasn't frosty enough for you, then there's always CM. (Credit: Valve Corporation)

Crystal Maiden

When you first started playing Dota 2 and had to support, Crystal Maiden was probably the obvious choice. Her aura allows your entire team to dish out spells more often, especially in the early stages. Other than that she offers plenty of crowd control with Crystal Nova and Frostbite. Freezing Field is similar to Witch Doctor's Death Ward, meaning it spells certain death for the enemy team if they stay in range and don't interrupt you.

Earthshaker arcana header
Earthshaker first! (Credit: Valve Corporation)


Earthshaker is one of the most iconic support heroes that can be played in every role. Fissure is a multi-purpose tool that stuns and can be used to block creeps or the enemy. Enchant Totem deals enormous amounts of physical damage and it even has true strike. Echo Slam remains the most important spell in his arsenal, paired with his passive it's a death sentence for any enemies that are too close together. We haven't even mentioned the Shard upgrade.

Rubick frostivus
The support who stole first place! (Credit: Valve Corporation)


Rubick lacks crowd control in the early game when compared to some of the other heroes on the list but he more than makes up for it the longer the match goes. Spell Steal allows him to use enemy spells and that opens a wide array of possibilities. Stealing Echo Slam? Black Hole? Reverse Polarity? Global Silence? Ravage? No problem. He's the most versatile support out there and if you know what you're doing Rubick is probably the best choice.

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