The DOTA: Dragon’s Blood Official Trailer Is Out!

Dota dragons blood official trailer
Will Invoker be the hidden villain? (Credit: Netflix)

Everyone was shocked by the reveal of the upcoming Dota 2 animated series - DOTA: Dragon's Blood. We've already seen two teasers but now the official trailer for the show is finally out!

In case you haven't heard yet, Dota 2 is getting its own animated show with DOTA: Dragon's Blood. The series is made by studio MIR which was behind Avatar: The Legend of Korra, so the bar is set high. Ashley Edward Miller is the writer for the show, and he has worked for other TV shows like Fringe and the blockbusters Thor and X-Men: First Class. Here's the official trailer for Dragon's Blood which came out recently.

All we could do before the official trailer was speculate, but the latest clip gives us some insight on what the story might be all about. We already knew that Davion will be the main character and Mirana his sidekick (deuteragonist). Invoker's role was unknown, but he seems to be the mentor type and maybe secret villain of the series?

Invoker dragons blood
The smartest man in the world locked in a tower. (Credit: Netflix)

Then there's Selemene. A name we don't hear much in-game except for some voice lines by Mirana and Luna. Both heroes are serving the moon goddess and the latter will probably have some hidden agenda in the animated series.

Selemene dota 2 dragons blood
Selemene seems like a force for good, but is she really? (Credit: Netflix)

In a recent interview, the voice actors revealed more information regarding the show and some of them even described Selemene as "manipulative and cunning".

Valve was heavily involved with the development of the show and the writers made sure to dig deep into the game's lore. Overall, expectations for the show are quite high and everyone is certain that fans are going to love it. If you want to catch up on everything you've missed so far we've gathered all we know about the show in one place:

Mirana missing arrows dota
Mirana when she misses one too many arrows. (Credit: Netflix)

The show will also be adult-oriented with alcohol and blood/gore being no exception. A total of 24 episodes have been confirmed, but the first season could be just 8? We'll soon find out! Dragon's Blood will come out on March 25, so it's only a few weeks away. Are you excited about DOTA: Dragon's Blood? Tell us on Facebook or Discord!

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