The Most Overpowered Heroes in Dota 2’s Diretide

Dota 2 diretide
Dota 2 will remain spooky until December 22! (Image Credit: Valve Corporation)

Dota 2’s Halloween event is already live and the popular MOBA got a whole lot spookier in the past week. Here are some of the best heroes in Diretide!

The Halloween event in Dota 2 introduced a ton of rewards that players can earn. While you’ll need to purchase a key for the special treasure everything else is completely free. In order to get a reward, you’ll have to earn 100 points and to do that you’ll just have to play Dota 2 games. It doesn’t matter if it’s the special mode or normal/ranked matches. The only major detail is that you’ll get more points for winning. We suggest you play the special mode as it’s just a breath of fresh air and games are usually shorter. Here are some of the most overpowered heroes you can pick in it!

Shadow shaman dota 2
It had to be snakes. (Image Credit: Valve Corporation)

Shadow Shaman

At first glance, Shadow Shaman is just a support with plenty of crowd control which is always useful. What’s really broken in Diretide though is his ultimate. Mass Serpent Ward can be used to easily destroy an enemy lane. Just trap the Taffy Guardian inside the wards and watch him die a slow death. Enemy heroes can still auto-attack to destroy the snakes but it’s a huge risk. Once the guardian is down you can destroy the well and after that, the enemy taffy bag is open for the taking. The latter can also be attacked by Mass Serpent Ward and the enemy team will be losing a lot of candy.

Windranger arcana
Chasing Windranger is usually a waste of time. (Image Credit: Valve Corporation)


Windranger is a great pick in Diretide for several reasons. Everyone in the team gets the same amount of gold and the same amount of experience. This makes it harder to itemize and distinguish a carry hero. WR’s Windrun is really hard to deal with and it also gives her insane mobility around the map. Her ultimate is on a rather short cooldown and she needs only a Javelin to become a threat. If nobody on your team is planning to pick her, just make sure she’s banned.

Storm spirit dota 2
Get that taffy home! (Image Credit: Valve Corporation)

Storm Spirit

Storm is a lot better in Diretide when compared to normal games. The map is much smaller so covering distance is easier. The hero’s mobility is where he truly shines as Ball Lightning is a sure way to bring the taffy safely back to base. Even if you just push lanes and bring in the candy home, you’ll still be quite ahead with Storm Spirit.

Snapfire dota 2
Baking cookies and taking names. (Image Credit: Valve Corporation)


Granny’s here to get the candy. Snapfire’s kit is perfect for Diretide as she has it all. Tons of utility, a lot of area of effect damage, and an Aghanim Scepter upgrade that can be quite useful. With Gobble Up, you’ll be able to save a teammate that’s about to die and send them flying towards the base.

Dota 2 zeus
Just when they feel safe, lightning strikes. (Image Credit: Valve Corporation)


Well, Zeus is basically Zeus. He has a lot of burst, does massive damage to everyone and his ultimate can be quite good. Why? You can snipe people out with Thundergod’s Wrath and Nimbus and it’s much easier than you think. After all, carrying taffy reduces max health and that’s good news for Zeus. You can go for a Refresher Orb or a more defensive build depending on the enemy line up. There’s a limit of five sentries per round in Diretide and Zeus can deward them with ease. Pair him up with a Riki to make it extra hard for the enemy team.

Undying dota 2
Steal their strength all game long with Undying. (Image Credit: Valve Corporation)


We already know heroes lose max health by carrying candy. What else makes them easier to kill? That’s right – Undying. Diretide is basically a never-ending laning stage and that’s great for Undying. You’ll usually be able to get more than one hero with Decay. Soul Rip is pretty good considering the vast number of units, but Tombstone is mostly bonus gold unless your team protects it. Last but not least, his ultimate gives him a power spike at level six as he’s so hard to take down. Combo Undying with Zeus or a Snapfire and your foes will be in trouble.

Another hero that was planned for this list was Clinkz due to his Death Pact which allowed him to consume a high HP units. The percentage bonus was heavily nerfed in a recent hotfix but the hero is still good, just not as great as those above.

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