Amouranth: Almost Crossing the Line

Amouranth bio
Amouranth has mastered the art of monetizing her body. (Credit: Amouranth via Twitter)

Anyone visiting Twitch even sporadically has heard of Amouranth, and is likely to have clicked on one of her front page streams out of curiosity. This is not unexpected: she currently the most subscribed-to female streamer on the platform. Why is that? The hot tub meta might have something to do with it, but there's still plenty to talk about in this special episode of our influencer bio series, before we get to that point. Strap on.

Amouranth is one of those female Twitch streamers whom people watch for one reason, and one reason only: to watch "her". Simply being pretty is never enough though, you also have to be in the right place at the right time, and you have to realize when to place your grip on an opportunity. We present to you: the story of Amouranth.

Amouranth: The Early Years

Amouranth is very discreet about her personal life, so not much is really known. There's her real name - Kaitlyn Siragusa – and her birthday – December 2, 1993. That's pretty much where the info ends, when it comes to her early life. We do know that she's currently located in Houston, and that she has been for at least a decade, but whether Kaitlyn was born there or moved later is mere guess work.

Not that it matters that much. What we really care about is how Kaitlyn Siragusa became Amouranth.

Amouranth: Humble Beginnings as a Cosplayer

Young Kaitlyn's talents as a costume designer are on record since at least 2010, when she was still in high school. She was good enough at making her own costumes that she was employed for a time by the Houston opera and Houston ballet. By 2015, Siragusa had her own company in children's entertainment, but in hindsight, we know that she soon moved on to a different type of entertainment.

Amouranth Moves to Adult Entertainment

The above title sounded cool, so we stuck with it, but we will immediately make it clear that Kaitlyn Siragusa has not done any porn, to our knowledge. Sorry to disappoint. What she has done, however, is begin a very successful career on all sorts of "revealing" platforms: Instagram, Twitch, Patreon, and most recently – OnlyFans.

Since 2016, Amouranth has tried every method of making money off of her body online, short of actually doing porn, which is admirable to be honest. Anyone that thinks any hot chick can do the same should ask themselves "then why don't they?". Anyway, being the way she is, Amouranth could not escape controversy. We love that part. Let's get to it!

Is Amouranth Married?

The first serious dose of drama Kaitlyn Siragusa endured as a popular streamer was in the summer of 2018, when a story surfaced that she is actually married, and was hiding that information from the public to keep her sexy image. Why would she hide something like that? Well, let's try to put this mildly: it's important for a content creator like Amouranth that her fans are thirsty at all times, and a husband would bring a biblical flood along.

She addressed that situation two years after it unfolded, and claimed that the story was not only untrue, but that the leaker admitted that he made it all up. However, the other side has not said anything since...

Amouranth's Wardrobe Malfunction & Twitch Bans

Amouranth is often the first example of so-called "favoritism" when it comes to Twitch regulations against male and female streamers. Without a doubt, the most controversial moment in her career to spark such discussions is the infamous wardrobe malfunction from September 2019.

While playing with her dog live on stream, Siragusa's skirt revealed all that mama gave to her for the chat to see. On a platform that bans folks for weeks because of much less, Amouranth was banned for three days, and was right back on Twitch like nothing ever happened.

She has been banned on other occasions too, but is one of the select few who have gone through bigger troubles with Twitch than mere bans.

Lawsuit Against Twitch

Summer 2020 saw the court case Erik Estavillo vs. Twitch. Estavillo has made a habit of suing major companies, and he took his shot with the streaming platform. The court case claimed that female streamers on the site are worsening his diseases, such as OCD and sexual addiction, with their provocative streams.

The plaintiff pointed out prominent streamers by name, and of course, Amouranth came up. Erik Estavillo is known to make a habit of suing major companies, so the case never came to fruit. He did seem to just point out the largest female streamers on the site, since even ones like Pokimane were on the list, and that doesn't really make sense in this context...

Twitch Takes Amouranth's Ad Revenue Away

Amouranth's on and off relationship with Twitch reached a new high point just this month. Siragusa was the leader of the hot tub meta for months – a meta that naturally brought up the never-ending topic of Twitch's unclear Terms of Service back to the frontline. The site kept it quiet for a long while, until out of nowhere, they took away advertisement from Amouranth's channel.

She wasn't provided a specific reason for this, that's something Twitch doesn't like to do, but we can add the numbers together ourselves. Advertisers don't want their products next to bouncing boobies in a pool, so they asked Twitch to pull the rug off of the technically ToS-proof hot tub meta.

Amouranth: What's Next?

There's already the opinion (popularized by fellow Twitch streamer xQc) that Amouranth was used to set an example for other streamers with similar content. That may indeed be the case, yet it's hardly going to stop Kaitlyn Siragusa from doing what she does best: making the maximum amount of dough from the masses of "online lovers" that are following her. Twitch these days is more of a bridge towards her OnlyFans page, so don't worry about Amouranth, she'll be just fine.

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