Amouranth Goes Wild on Twitter

Amouranth was going on a bit of a Twitter rant. (Credit: Amouranth)

Amouranth took to Twitter to clap back at everybody claiming it is easier for women to be successful on Twitch. Actually, to say she clapped back is an understatement: Amouranth went full on Kanye on Twitter. Question is: Is she right?

Recently Twitch has been all over the news – and our website – with all these ladies promoting their OnlyFans accounts or doing hot tub streams:

This led to WoW-streamer Asmongold stating that Twitch has double-standard in its ban policy when it comes to women. Spoiler alert: According to him, Twitch favors women:

Well, it should come as no surprise that whenever genders are being discussed, things get heated. Now, Amouranth was on her best Kanye and took to Twitter in a series of Tweets:

Now, if you expect us to weigh in on this with our opinion, then you must be out of your mind. We're not trynna get canceled anytime soon.

Obviously this set of Tweets started a wave of discussion, with the usual: Some support Amouranth and some completely disagree with her. Amongst those disagreeing, the general statement was that Amouranth is "blind if she denies that her whole career is based on her sex appeal."

Well... if you're gonna bring up the genetics of being pretty, Amouranth is also gonna bring up genetics:

As a 6'5'' man that didn't make the NBA, I'll say this: I stand with Amouranth. Or... wait... we weren't supposed to take sides, damn it...

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