Arnold Schwarzenegger Joins Netflix In Major Role

Arnold Schwarzenegger joins Netflix in key position to drive the platform forward.

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Arnold Schwarzenegger joins Netflix | © Netflix

Arnold Schwarzenegger has been many things. A world-class bodybuilder (the GOAT), a fierce barbarian on his quest for revenge, a special forces soldier fighting the ultimate predator, an unstoppable Cyborg sent from the future, the governor of California and now, Netflix's Chief Action Officer.

Netflix just made this major announcement, revealing Arnold Schwarzenegger as their new Chief Action Officer. But what does a Chief Action Officer do? Well, let's find out.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Helps Netflix Make Their Explosions Bigger

Netflix just dropped the reveal trailer for their new Chief Action Officer, none other than the action icon Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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In the hilarious promo video, we follow Arnie #during a typical day in the office. Driving to work in a tank, cutting his Burrito with his trusty barbarian sword, and telling Netflix to make their explosions bigger!

Who else, but Arnie, would be the perfect man for that job?

The video really goes to show that “No one loves action as much as [Arnie]”. So what exactly does the Chief Action Officer do? Well, he tells Netflix how to produce the best action sequences, with the biggest explosions and the best combat.

So yeah, sounds like Arnie is the best man for the job, with all the experience he has accumulated. Oh, and obviously he is a big name in the business, beloved by many, and a great name to add to the brand!

During the announcement video, Arnie addresses the new season of The Witcher, so here's everything we know so far about that:

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