Disney Won't Release Alien vs. Predator Anime

An Alien vs. Predator anime has apparently already finished production, but Disney won't release it. Why?

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Alien vs. Predator anime is something we definitely need! | © Disney / EarlyGame

The Alien and Predator franchises brought us some of the most iconic 90s action/horror sci-fi blockbusters, while their crossover movies were okay at best. Now it looks like Disney has a fully completed anime of the two space adversaries ready to go, but for whatever reason just doesn't want to release it.

The Alien franchise is a sci-fi horror series that follows humanity's terrifying encounters with a relentless and highly-adaptable extraterrestrial species known as Xenomorphs.

The Predator franchise, on the other hand, revolves around a technologically advanced alien race hunting humans and other formidable prey, resulting in intense action-packed confrontations in diverse settings.

So in the anime, you would have two very different Apex predators going at each other, or not...

Disney Holds Back Finished Alien vs. Predator Anime

The breaking news regarding this not-release was first revealed on the Perfect Organism podcast. During a recent episode, they hosted the former licensing director at 20th Century Fox, Joshua Izzo, who revealed that Disney was just sitting on the 10-episode anime.

It’s done. It’s in the can. It’s mixed; it’s finished. It was produced and story cracked by Eric Calderon and Dave Baker, two unbelievably crazy talented guys.

Apparently, production for the series started back in 2016, before Disney acquired 20th Century Fox and took over their IPs. So maybe the reason Disney won't release the series is that they didn't even know it exists?

Okay, rather unlikely, but I guess it would be hard to manage all the new brands and with Disney's focus on Marvel and Star Wars, the already finished anime could have just been forgotten.

Disney+ also just recently purged a lot of their shows, so perhaps they want to keep a clean slate and don't want to release a project not really associated with their brand.

If you haven't heard it yet, there's a Five Nights At Freddy's movie coming out:

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