Deadpool's Tim Miller Re-Shooting Scenes of Borderlands Movie

Borderlands is getting a movie, that much isn't new, but some fans were worried when they realized a new director had to step in recently. What happened to Eli Roth?

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Who else is hyped for this manic film? | © Riot Games

Word spread that Eli Roth has been replaced by Deadpool's Tim Miller as front-runner of the game adaptation Borderlands. Thanks to Deadline, who shed some light on the situation, it turns out that these rumours are completely false, somewhat. Yes, Roth is away from the project and Miller is taking his place, but it won't be forever.

Why did Roth leave the Borderlands project and let Tim Miller take over some re-shooting for the movie?

Eli Roth Passes Baton to Tim Miller on Borderlands Shooting

Director and co-writer of the upcoming Borderlands film adaptation has handed over the camera to Deadpool director Tim Miller for a few weeks due to another project the director is working on, according to Deadline. When it was first reported that Roth was leaving, everyone was up-in-arms wondering whether he got fired, but the truth is far from it.

Roth, who has had quite an impact on the horror-movie genre throughout the years, will have to leave a few Borderlands re-shoots in the hands of Tim Miller because of another shoot for an upcoming slasher film 'Thanksgiving'. Thanksgiving dates back all the way to 2007 when Roth shot a fake movie advert for Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez's Grindhouse movie.

Well, now after fifteen years this fake movie within a movie (movie-ception?!) is getting a full-fledged adaptation and Roth had to join the project for a few weeks, seeing as he had played a key part in the original fake-trailer for the film.

Therefore, Roth has given Miller the green light to re-shoot some scenes of Broderlands with Deadline stating that the situation is an "amicable handling of the baton".

An exact release date for Borderlands has not been revealed yet, but we could expect it to be release in 2023. The cast sure looks insane with names like Cate Blanchett, Jack Black and Jamie Lee Curtis all part of the cast.

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