Hasan Uncovers Group That Has Been Stealing Clips From Streamers Uploading Them On YouTube

HasanAbi claims a YouTube group is allegedly buying botted accounts, uploading clips from popular streamers and issuing copyright strikes.

Thumbnail Hasan You Tube
Wild that this is working on YouTube! | © Christian Wiediger /Unsplash.com; Hasanabi via Twitch

On January 5, popular Twitch streamer HasanAbi addressed a group on YouTube that is apparently uploading clips of popular streamers on their channels. The group is allegedly even copy striking other fan channels that upload viral livestreaming moments.

During his stream, Hasan spent a significant amount of time, discussing the situation and how he plans to deal with this group, apparently based in Vietnam.

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HasanAbi Talks About Bot Farm Channels, Reuploading Videos And Issuing DMCA Strikes

The situation started, when Hasan showcased a tweet in which the YouTuber Pinely addresses these botted channels and their practices.

In his Tweet, he shows the two videos side by side and explains how the group not only stole his title, but his thumbnail as well, making "it seem like Hasan just made the original video [...] all the while not crediting [his] original video in the desc.".

According to Hasan, the channel responsible for this video buy "a bunch of botted channels" and issues DMCA strikes to "other" fan channels.

He goes on to explain that he is working with YouTube to address the issue. But, importantly, he doesn't plan to shut down fan channels in general, just these bad faith actors who are taking advantage of him.

It is completely unacceptable! That's so f**ked up! And they're doing it to Charlie, they're doing it to f***ing xQc and I want to deal with it. I want to deal with it without actually taking down other channels that don't engage in shady f***ing practices like this

This quote goes on to show the scale of this scheme, as multiple big streamers and their fan channels are affected by this.

Let's see whether YouTube will take action soon, as this not only concerns fan channels, but even some affiliated with the HasanAbi Clips Industry Complex that is directly related to the streamer himself.