Avatar: The Way of Water Disney+ Streaming Release Date Revealed

On November 14, the new Avatar: The Way of Water hits theatres. If you're not someone who likes to go watch movies and would much rather stream it from your couch, I got news for you. When will we be able to watch the new Avatar movie on Disney+? Let's check it out.

Avatar 2 the way of water
Avatar: Way of Water Release Date on Disney+ | © Avatar

Avatar: The Way of Water is making bank right now! And it has to. James Cameron spent so much money on this movie, that it has to be the third or fourth most successful film of all time, just to break even. So far the movie made about $500 Million Dollars worldwide, so it still has a long way to go, but it might just get there.

Avatar: The Way of Water Release Date On Disney+

With a more than 3 hours runtime, the movie is pretty long. Avatar: The Way of Water is quite the time investment, especially when you can't pause the movie. So maybe you would prefer to watch the movie on a streaming platform, so you're able to pause it, take a pi**, grab a beer and continue.

But when will we be able to comfortably stream the movie, instead of having to go to the theatres? So far, we know that The Way of Water will be released on Disney+ and if you look at how Disney handles movie releases, we can make an educated guess as to when.

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For movies that don't do so hot, most of them can be streamed on Disney+ 45-days after they hit theatres. Avatar: The Way of Water is probably not gonna fall under that category, so I guess it is going to stay in cinemas for about 234 Days.

Don't worry, though, there have been other Disney-Blockbuster that came out way earlier, so Avatar: The Way of Water might be available on Disney+ sometime around March.

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