Avatar 2: Most Successful Movie Of All Time? This Equation Proves It

It's obvious that Avatar 2: The Way Of Water will be one of the most successful films of all time. But is it enough for the first place? Experts calculated the final position of James Cameron's next hit.

Avatar the way of Water
Will Avatar 2 be the most successful movie of all time? | ©Avatar

Currently, the most successful film of all time is the first Avatar film, but it could lose its status as number one to its sequel, Avatar: The Way Of The Water. That wouldn't only be a huge success for James Cameron, but it's also necessary for the film to break even. As we know, Avatar The Way Of Water has to earn at least $2 billion to be in the black. That would be the sixth place. But as experts predict, the film could make enough for first place.

Avatar 2 could be the most successful film of all time

The first few weeks usually determine the success and failure of new films. If that were always the case, then James Cameron would have to worry about his wallet. However, films by the successful director seem to follow a different trajectory. For example, Marvel's Avengers: Endgame grossed $357 million in the first week, while Avatar grossed only $77 million. But we know that Avatar is still the more successful film.

So movies by James Cameron traditionally have a long tail. If this holds true for Avatar The Way Of Water, it will be the most successful film, in America at least.

Experts have proven, through maths, just how it's possible for Avatar 2 to become the best selling film of all time. Now we know you aren't all PhD math students, so we're going to simply explain just how it's been proven.

Experts calculate a multiplier that predicts how much the film will make in total. This multiplier is calculated from what the film recorded in the first week, relative to other blockbusters. For comparison: Avengers's Endgame grossed 2.41 times that of the first week in total. The multiplier of James Cameron films is on average 7.2. If you take, the tickets sold in the first week times 7. 2, you come to the result that Avatar The Way Of Water will be the most successful film of all time.

Of course, this is just a calculation based on old movies, but the evolution shows that the film could actually attack the top 3 places.

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