Spider Man 4: Fans Furious About Zendaya's Comeback

Finally, we got confirmation for a Spider-Man 4 with Tom Holland and Zendaya coming back to reprise their roles. Sadly, many fans are not happy about the latter actor's return, and here's why.

Spider Man No way home leak
Spider-Man 4 is in the works and Fans are not happy about Zendaya coming back for it | © Sony

The MCU hasn't produced many absolute hit movies since Endgame, but Spider-Man: No Way Home managed to conquer many hearts during its release. After that, everything's been quiet surrounding our favorite hero from Queens. Now we finally got news of a fourth Spider-Man movie starring Tom Holland and Zendaya, and some fans are really not happy about it.

We got an exciting leak about a different upcoming MCU movie:

Spoiler Warning: This article has major spoilers for the ending of No Way Home!

Spider-Man 4 With Zendaya And Unhappy Fans

We all remember the emotional ending of No Way Home. After losing his aunt and to protect the multiverse and the world, Peter Parker makes the decision to be completely forgotten by everyone. Afterward we see him meet his old friends a few weeks later in a coffee shop and neither his girlfriend MJ nor his best friend Ned remember him.

This is probably going to be the continued situation in Spider-Man 4. It was already announced that Zendaya will reprise her role as MJ. Now many fans are confused, how this can be possible, if MJ doesn't know, who Peter or Spider-Man is. The main argument for those unhappy with this, is that this could severely undermine Now Way Home's ending by giving MJ her memory back.

Currently, we have no idea, what the movie will be about or how Zendaya's MJ will come back into play. But I don't understand, why some people really thought Peter would be able to stay away forever from his girlfriend. From a storytelling perspective, it would be very unfulfilling to just ignore the characters from the first few movies.

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For now, let's wait for more information on the movie before making a judgement. We only just got a confirmation it will happen! Until then, we have plenty of other new Marvel movies to enjoy.

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