Deadpool 3: These Original X-Men Are Reportedly Coming Back

A new leak about Deadpool 3 claims that we will see familiar faces of some of the original X-Men in the movie!

Deadpool xmen
Some original X-Men are coming back to the big screen with Deadpool 3 | © 20th Century Fox

With Disney buying Fox and the rights to the X-Men with it, we have all been excited about the possibility of the X-Men coming to the MCU. A leak now seemingly confirms this, but not in the form of new versions, as many might have expected. Instead, it seems we'll get to see old familiar faces in Deadpool 3.

Original X-Men In Deadpool 3

The old X-Men movies from the early 2000s still have a special spot in many fans hearts, and seemingly Ryan Reynolds. Not only is Hugh Jackman returning after his last appearance as Wolverine in Logan, even other actors are set to make a return. According to an insider on Twitter, three of the old X-Men are set to make a return in Deadpool 3.

Now that is some exciting news! Those three are especially well-liked. Of course, at this time all we have is the word of the leaker, but with the return of Hugh Jackman's Wolverine it is not that unthinkable for other former X-Men to return.

Further, in another tweet, it is claimed that we will get a villain from Fox's X-Men universe and one from the MCU. Who could this be? Normally I would have guessed Wanda, since she is aligned with the X-Men, but that seems unlikely with her last appearance in the MCU.

What this means for the MCU is even more ambiguous. We do have the Multiverse now, and Deadpool 3 is supposed to integrate our Merc with a mouth into it. Though by bringing back old faces, does that mean we won't get a new cast of X-Men soon?

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We can definitely be excited about this new Deadpool. It is shaping up to be a celebration of everything X-Men in the last 20ish years.

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