Avatar The Way Of Water | James Cameron Desperate To Sell Tickets

For years, we have been waiting for the sequel of Avatar. The second part is coming to theatres soon. James Cameron hopes that Avatar The Way Of Water will be well received, and there is a good reason for that.

Avatar the way of Water
Avatar 2 coming soon. | ©Avatar

It's been a while since the first Avatar blew us away. To be more precise, we've been waiting for the sequel for 13 years and hope the second part is as good as the first. While Avatar showed us the impressive overworld of Pandora, we now dive into the underwater world of the mystical planet. As in the first part, we accompany Jake Sully through the beautiful Pandora.

Like the first movie, the second one is a massive, and extremely expensive, production. So, to be profitable, the film has to be a real success. And director James Cameron seems to be very aware of that.

James Cameron Seems Desperate To Sell Tickets For Avatar 2

How expensive was Avatar 2? James Cameron's answer in an interview with the US magazine GQ: "Fucking Expensive!" So exactly how much the long-awaited sequel cost is still not clear. But James Cameron has now revealed in the same interview how much the film would have to earn in order not to become a bad business for him and Disney:

"It's the worst business in film history. It would have to be the third or fourth most successful film of all time. That's the break-even threshold."

Avatar The Way Of The Water would thus have to gross more than two billion ($2,000,000,000!) dollars at the worldwide box office to break into profitability, according to James Cameron. A billion less than the first part, but still a really risky business we think.

Avatar The Way of Water: What You Need To Know

Avatar 2 takes place over 10 years after the events of Avatar. Jake and Neytiri have started a family and are doing everything they can to stay together. Eventually, however, they are forced to leave their home when the invaders return from Earth to complete their work. In the process, they discover other areas of Pandora and encounter Kate Winslet's character Ronal, who leads the Metkayina tribe, a people which has settled on the surface of the ocean on Pandora.

In addition to an exciting plot, we can also look forward to breathtaking performances. The trailer promises an unbelievable cinematic experience. We are looking forward to the sequel and hope Avatar The Way of Water will be as good as the first part. We will see on December 16, whether it can fulfill the expectations and whether there will be an Avatar hype again, when Avatar The Way Of Water releases in theaters.

If you wanna check out the first movie beforehand, here you go.

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