This New VR Headset Will Literally Kill You If You Die In Game

Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg have been outdone! Oculus founder Palmer Luckey has created a VR Headset that will kill you if you die in a video game.

Palmer Luckey, the guy who co-founded Oculus, just released a new type of headset that will revolutionize Virtual Reality by accurately simulating the experiences from a game into real life. Maybe a little too accurately, in fact, as the device will quite literally kill you if you die in game.

So go and get your own VR Killer-Headset right now! Just kidding, we've linked a normal one.

I think someone watched a little too much Sword Art Online, or Black Mirror. Luckey even confirmed that this new VR headset is inspired by the NerveGear set used in that popular anime.

This Headset Kills The Player

The "If you die in game, you die in real life" experience is created through three military grade explosive charge modules, that will literally fry your brain if you die in the game.

I don't think it was smart to announce his plan beforehand, though. These villains, always monologue and ruin their evil plans.

Sadly, or gladly, the VR headset won't be available for purchase, as it is pretty much just a work of art, but also a steady reminder that some people are just freaking nuts!

Palmer himself said he thought about testing out the headset, but is too scared of, well, dying I guess. So now he just keeps upgrading his little death machine for "fun".

Sci-fi dystopias have never been so real. I always thought it would be a Terminator-type uprising of the machines scenario though, not Sword Art Online...

Next do Westworld please:

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