Mass Firings: Twitter Staff Is Getting The Thanos Treatment

Twitter employees are under a lot of pressure since Musk took over. First, he threatened to fire a bunch of people if they're not able to finish his paid verification model, and now he just threatens to mass fire people overall.

Elon Musk Thanos
Is Elon Musk the next Thanos? | © Twitter, Marvel

Ever since Elon Musk took over Twitter, things have been getting out of hand. Racist tweets skyrocketed, monetization exploded, employees got threatened to be fired, it is like a social media warzone. And what is Elon doing? Posting self-important tweets, painting himself as the second coming of Christ... or Marx.

Twitter Employees Confronted With Mass-Firings

We were already aware that Elon is somewhat of a d*ckhead, when it comes to firing people, as he proved himself when he threatened to fire a developer team, if they were unable to develop a new feature for Twitter in a certain timeframe.

Now, employees of Musk's newest $44 billion purchase were notified not to come to the office on Friday. This already sounds really freaking ominous, but the reason is just insane. The message also stated, that workers will be notified per mail if they are going to have a job next week, or if they are getting fired.

Musk didn't even put his name under that email, as it was simply signed "Twitter".

People's reaction to this is actually pretty funny, posting the saluting face emoji and calling the whole thing "The Snap". Musk really is going full Thanos here, as he supposedly plans to fire about half of the workforce.

Even though people are joking on Twitter, they're not taking it lying down, planning to sue Twitter over this. This wouldn't be the first time, Musk being confronted with a lawsuit due to firing a sh*t ton of people. The last time he called it trivial, so hopefully this time it costs him a whole bunch of money.

Guess he didn't feature that sh*t in his biography.

Guess then he would really have to make Vine work:

Elon Musk Calling Fired Employees Back To Work

The Snap officially happened, and it has been absolute chaos. You would think the people that got laid off had it the worst, but for the ones that remained they had to deal with the aftermath and zero information of who had, and who hadn't been, Thanos-snapped by the musky overlord.

Now it seems like the villain-to-be Elon Musk might regret, that he just yeeted and deleted half of his workforce, as multiple sources report, that Twitter is reaching out to fired employees, asking them to come back.

Elon right now:

Musk Thanos
Elon seems really set on his IRL adaptation of Avengers Infinity War and Endgame.| © Marvel Studios

People were wondering what Elon Musk and Twitter were thinking in the first place, firing 50% of their employees overnight, seems they weren't thinking at all. This outcome was inevitable. This pretty much completes Elon's transformation from a real life Tony Stark, to a real life Thanos.

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