Elon Musk And MrBeast Are Planning A Vine Comeback

Elon Musk likes to tease people and bait crazy projects that might not happen at all. In the case of Twitter, he followed through, but will he do the same with Vine?

Elon Musk MrBeast Vine
I need this to happen! | © Debbie Rowe (Elon Musk), MrBeast

After his Twitter takeover, Elon Musk has been rampaging through Twitter, posting a video of himself, walking into Twitter HQ with a sink, so people could "let that sink in" and unbanning a bunch of people.

Buy a sink now, if you want to be as cool as Elon.

On October 31, he then made a survey on Twitter, asking people if they wanted Vine back. The result was overwhelmingly positive, with 69% claiming they would welcome Vine back. This sparked rumors, that good'ol Elon might be planning to revive the previously popular app, Frankenstein style.

Things got even more intense, when Jimmy, a.k.a. MrBeast commented the tweet, supporting Elon's decision to rebuilt Vine.

Seems like the Musk-eteer is more than willing to bring back Vine, even asking MrBeast for advice on how to make it better than TikTok. We know that MrBeast isn't the biggest TikTok fan, so he was quick to give some advice:

No one is original anymore, whatever you do will be on every other platform the next month unless it has a deep moat. YouTube has shorts, Insta has reels, Reddit, Snapchat, Facebook, etc. all copied

Guess this will give Elon something to think about. Bet he didn't think he would have to put in a lot of work. He probably thought that with the discussion about banning TikTok in the USA becoming more intense, beating out this competitor might just be easier than expected.

Hope he includes an 18+ option as well:

Elon Musk and MrBeast is still a collaboration we need to see, though.

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