TikTok Introducing 18+ Option For Their Content

TikTok is introducing their very own adults-only option for content creators. What does this mean for content on the platform?

TikTok Age Restriction
TikTok is building an adult-only option. | © XanderSt via Shutterstock

TikTok is pretty well known for having teenagers post cringe sh*t, like dance videos, or just all around awful shorts. But now it seems as if the platform is taking a step towards maturity. I guess, when your primary user-base is starting to grow up, you got to do the same. Yep, Zoomers are in their twenties now!

Guess they're also too old for Leonardo DiCaprio now:

TiKTok Introduces Adult-Only Option

In a company blog post, the platform revealed their new adult-only option for live-streamers on the platform. With this, content creators can restrict their viewership to age 18 and above. I know what you're thinking, this could imply that TikTok is heading in the same direction as OnlyFans and Twitter, but don't worry.

Creators might still have an OnlyFans on the side, though, like these Twitch streamers:

The platform will still enforce bans on those that don't follow the community guidelines. This includes "nudity, pornography or sexually explicit content" and nothing regarding the announcement suggests, that this will change any time soon. Also, it is up to the creator to enforce the 18+ restriction.

But why, the heck, would anybody use that, if it isn't something NSFW related that they are showing on stream? I guess, simply because, f*ck them kids! Okay, but seriously now, it seems TikTok included some examples on when this could be applied into the announcement.

They mention comedy routines, that might be better suited for adults, or just all around topics mentioned, that are not well suited for kids. I get that. You wanna talk about some dirty jokes, or some really traumatic sh*t? Better limit that stream to 18+.

On a serious note, some topics are not meant for the ears of children. This one had a happy ending, but still:

Another change coming is the option of streaming to adult users only. Streaming is one of the best ways to earn money on the platform, as TikTok doesn't share ad revenue with its creators, so this is a pretty big deal. Their reasoning, again, is to create a safer environment for the community.

I guess, not allowing young people to embarrass themselves on the internet counts as keeping them safe, so I will let that slide. But can't they just change their age in the settings and stream anyway? It seems like it's not that easy. Good job TikTok, you have better age restriction than porn.

Also, you gotta get verified to make the big money:

If you want to change your age, you actually need your ID to verify it. I guess you could use a fake age from the beginning, but to even start streaming on TikTok you need to have accumulated about 1000 followers, so the grind is real.