Snoop Dogg Could ALSO Be Twitter's New Owner

At first, Elon Musk said he bought major stakes in Twitter. Then we caught wind that Mr. Beast might get his hands on the company instead, and now Snoop Dogg is also in the mix of potential owners? What's the truth here?

Snoop Dogg Twitter Owner Header
Wait really? | © FaZe/Twitter

"May have 2 buy Twitter now." That's it. That's the tweet sent out by FaZe Clan member and famous rapper Snoop Dogg on May 13, 2022. Twitter has been hotly contested in recent times, with Elon Musk looking to purchase the social media network and even Mr. Beast getting in on the action.

Who would have thought that another unlikely candidate for Twitter owner would pop up? Snoop Dogg recently performed at the Super Bowl along with Eminem, Dr. Dre and 50 Cent and even signed under FaZe, and now he wants to become the owner of Twitter? And he's even already got a plan for some changes? Well, let's take a look at Snoop's Twitter plans.

What Would Snoop Dogg Change If He Owned Twitter?

Snoop did not give fans an explanation as to how he would like to purchase Twitter, instead, he has outlined a plan of what he would change with the company, as well as on the platform itself. So let's quickly go over Snoop Dogg's Twitter plan.

New Board of Directors For Twitter

First he stated he'd "replace the board of directors with Jimmy from my corner Fish Fry, Tommy Chung and tha guy with the ponytail on CNBC." Who are these people? Well, Tommy Chung probably refers to Tommy Chong of Cheech & Chong, while the guy with the ponytail could be referring to Pete Najarian, co-founder of market rebels and ex-NFL linebacker.

But that's not all Snoop has planned for Twitter if he were to gain rights over the company. There are even more ideas swimming around in the rapper's head that he revealed on Twitter.

Free Internet On Planes

The most important order of business has got to be that everyone would be getting free internet on planes and to be honest, we here at EarlyGame can totally get behind this idea, and we agree that $29 for 1 hour is way too much. We need more free internet when flying, especially long distance!

So, this idea is already an absolute win. Not sure how owning Twitter would make this possible, but we're not going to question Snoop on his ideas and just go with the flow.

Checkmark For Everyone

The final important info we got from Snoop in regard to his Twitter plans is to have everyone get a checkmark. The moment someone has verified who they are and that they are not a bot, then they get a checkmark. That would honestly save everyone from a lot of confusion.

From all the potential Twitter owners it seems that surprisingly enough, Snoop seems to have the most solid ideas for their Twitter takeover, right? Who wouldn't want free internet on planes and a blue checkmark, right?