Video: God of War Player Beats Hardest Boss in 13 Seconds

Sigrun, The Queen of Valkyries is the hardest boss in any God of War game so far and this player just completely destroyed her. Check out this amazing

God of War
Normally people struggle to even beat this boss, let alone the hardest one in the game... | © Sony

With God of War: Ragnarök releasing soon, people are picking up its predecessor again, completing all kinds of challenge runs and just catching up on the story.

One of the crazier challenges was pretty much a boss speed run, crushing Sigrun, the Queen of the Valkyries in less than a minute. A lot less, actually. You have to see this crazy fight.

Player Beats Sigrun 'The Queen of Valkyries' In Record Time

God of War (2018) had a lot of great fights. The first encounter with the Stranger, for example, was so epic it made me "feel" like a Greek god fighting a Norse god.

The absolutely hardest fight in the game though was against Sigrun, the Queen of Valkyries.

This b*tch is just so fast, has so much health, does so much damage and has more moves than a freaking Swiss Army knife, easily making her the toughest boss in the game. Let's see if Thor can compare in the upcoming release.

It is really frustrating that some epic gamers make this challenging boss look like child's play.

Btw. you are probably happy to hear that God of War: Ragnarök could come to PC as well:

Recently, female Streamer MissMikkaa beat the Queen of Valkyries, using a freaking dance pad.

Now we have a guy speedrunning the boss in 13 seconds! 13 seconds! You got to be kidding me... he even did so on the hardest difficulty, "Give Me God of War".

Just roll the clip. I can't even...

Sigrun in 13 seconds world record from GodofWar

This, can you even call it a run, is so impressive that people are just baffled by it. Especially on the highest difficulty to boot.

The epic gamer in question is Kaown and we even have the build he used right here. So check it out if you wanna pay back Sigrun for the humiliation you probably received on your first encounter, before starting your epic battle with Thor in the upcoming God of War: Ragnarök.

What you need to melt Sigrun quickly:

  • Zeus Armor (full set)
  • Talisman of Realms
  • Heart of Vanaheim enchantments
  • Bestla's Frozen Shard Enchantments (you can buy it from Brok)
  • Mist of Helheim runic attack
  • Hyperion Slam runic attack
  • Grips of the Forgotten Flames (blades pommel)

With this setup, just do the same sh*t as Kaown did in the video, and you should be good. It's payback time, Sigrun. As soon as I get off work.

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