More Elden Ring DLC Details Leaked - New Map, Weapons & Bosses

After multiple hints towards DLC for Elden Ring, dataminers have now found out more about the content that could come to the game soon.

A solider on horseback fighting a dragon in Elden Rign
Here's what we can expect from Elden Ring DLC. | © FromSoftware

Elden Ring will get DLC, that is as good as certain. The game was unbelievably successful, and for many people it's the very best game of 2022. We recently also had multiple sets of hints towards Elden Ring DLC, and now we got another batch of info about potential new content for the game.

What We Can Expect For The Elden Ring DLC

After already getting quite a bit of info on Elden Ring DLC out of the latest patch, data miner Sekiro Dubi on Twitter has dug even deeper into the files of the update and uncovered tons of hints towards new content for Elden Ring.

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Here's everything they found about potential DLC:

  • It looks like there could be six new weapons or types of weapons.
  • New hair could be included.
  • There are traces of 30 boss fights, but considering that Elden Ring reuses bosses all the time in the base game, it can be assumed that the DLC will also have repeat bosses.
  • There will be a new legacy dungeon and changes to existing areas, like the Divine Towers and the Coliseums.
  • Entries for 16 new NPCs have been found.

We still don't know what the DLC will be about (my money is on something exploring the story of Miquella), but it's exciting to hear about the new content we could be getting. While this is just speculation so far, as FromSoftware haven't confirmed the existence of the DLC yet, we expect to see an announcement at this year's Game Awards.

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