George R.R. Martin Hasn't Played Elden Ring Because Of Pushy GoT Fans

Legendary author George R.R. Martin admitted that he never played Elden Ring, the game he co-wrote, and the reason are all the annoying fans of his books.

Malenia in Elden Ring
George Martin never got to fight Malenia, and it's your fault. | © FromSoftware

I get that it must be frustrating to be a fan of A Song of Ice and Fire and have to wait for literal decades for the next book in the series, but this is going too far. In a recent interview at "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert", the legendary author George R.R. Martin revealed that he never played Elden Ring – despite writing the backstory for the game. And you know why? It's your fault.

GRRM Never Played Elden Ring

Maybe that sounds a bit harsh, but him missing out on Elden Ring is due to his fans and their, let's call it 'passionate', love for his work. In the interview, Martin was asked about Elden Ring, and admitted that he never played the best game of 2022, because "people seem to want this Winds of Winter book". There you go, folks – you made George miss out on "one of the most beautiful games ever", as he calls it, because you bullied him about this book for years.

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Ok, all jokes aside: it's clear that people really want this next book and that Martin is hard at work for it (he said in the interview that it's about 75% done), so he wants to focus on finally finishing it after over a decade of wait time. He also admits that he used to play a lot of video games and that he has "an addictive personality", so he wanted to not let Elden Ring get in-between his work. And hey... that's pretty relatable, right?

The whole interview is great, check it out here. And check out what good ol' Georgie had to say about House of the Dragon, the latest show inspired by his work.