Be Careful! God of War Ragnarök Spoilers Are Emerging Online

Thanks to a member of the press who was accidentally sharing screenshots of God of War Ragnarök from their PS5 to their public Twitter, we now know some massive spoilers. We're going to share them here so, please turn around now if you care about spoilers.

God of War Spoilers Emerging
Spoiler alert, obviously. | © Sony

God of War Ragnarök is just a few short weeks from release, and a great many fans are hyped. The previous game was widely beloved, and there's no reason to believe the studio can't repeat the same success. But if you're one of those hyped fans, and you love the story of God of War then please leave this page now. Go and read about some of the recently-confirmed GTA 6 gameplay features instead, or try and win some free PC games with Lootboy.

This whole article is about God of War Ragnarök plot spoilers, and you can consider this your last warning. But if you don't care about spoilers, or you're only playing God of War for the axe-throwing, then let's proceed.

Journalist Reveals God of War Plot Spoilers To The World

One of the journalists who was given a review copy of God of War ahead of release was accidentally sharing screenshots of the game to their public Twitter over the weekend of October 21. If you haven't played much on a PS5 then you might not be aware of how the sharing function works, but it's not easy to see how someone could make this mistake. Still, we all have our "off days".

We don't want to humiliate the person who accidentally did this, so we won't be sharing their Twitter handle. Luckily, the screenshots were collected by another account (@ArtGowSaga), and so we'll share that repost instead:

There were a great many more screenshots besides, but these were certainly the most visually compelling.

And what plot details did all these screenshots reveal? Allow us to explain, and again: SPOILER ALERT:

  • Thor kills Kratos.
  • Atreus and Tyr will appeal to gods and try to bring Kratos back.
  • Atreus becomes Loki.
  • Atreus is a playable character.
  • A giantess will help Atreus use time-travel to bring Kratos back from the dead.

So there you have it, all the plot spoilers we know about so far. Still excited? Or have these plot details dampened your excitement for God of War Ragnarök? We still think this game could compete with 2022's more obvious Game of the Year.

This is what dampened my excitement for God of War Ragnarök: