New Marvel Movie Leaked: Doctor Doom

An unlikely source just leaked the next MCU project: Doctor Doom. Here's everything that was leaked.

Doctor doom movie
Call the doctor, doom's here. | © Marvel

Doctor Doom and the Fantastic Four are a staple in Marvel comics, and rightfully so: The're amazing. Yet, in the MCU, that never really translated all that well... all the Fantastic Four movies were straight up terrible, and thus, Doctor Doom never got to prove how great of a villain - and sometimes anti-hero - he really is. This could change now.

Howard Stern Leaks Doctor Doom Movie

Let's not beat around the bush, here's what Howard Stern let slip:

Now... how would such a slip-up happen to a pro like Howard Stern. Hot mic, y'all. The beauty of it? That's how you know it's truly legit, and the fact that Robert Downey Jr is somehow involved? I love it. Makes me tingle in places. Of course, Robert Downey Jr might really just be there for emotional support, but it would make a lot of sense for Iron Man to appear in a Doctor Doom movie, especially now that the multiverse is an option.

Now while most know Doctor Doom as a villain, he definitely is more than that: He's often appeared as an anti-hero, so there's a real chance this could be a stand alone movie. After all, DC is getting ready to roll out Black Adam, who is also a villain more often than not, yet finds himself starring in a highly anticipated standalone movie.