Dragon Age: Absolution Season 2: Is Netflix Bringing A Second Season?

Netflix's Dragon Age: Absolution animated series ended with a pretty big cliffhanger, and obviously fans want to know how the story continues. Here's what we know so far about a possible second season. Oh, and Spoiler alert!

Dragon Age
The first season of Dragon Age: Absolution brought us a fast-paced adventure. | © Netflix

Dragon Age has developed into an iconic franchise, with multiple sequels to the original and even an animated Netflix adaptation. This begs the question, whether we can expect Dragon Age: Absolution to return for a season 2, or not.

In Dragon Age: Absolution, the group of thieves centering around Miriam mastered their quest to abstract the Circulum from the Tevinter Imperium. Although Tevinter is now no longer able to use this powerful artifact to raise demonic armies and the dead, it wasn't a full success.

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Hira betrayed Miriam and the others to take the Circulum to the Red Lyrium Templars, whom she believes to defeat the oppressive kingdom once and for all.

That's where we left off, with Hira racing towards Kirkwall to deliver the Circulum to the Crimson Knight, and of course we want to know what happens next.

Dragon Age: Absolution Season 2

This cliffhanger for sure offers more than enough plot to cover at least another season on Netflix. We'd probably see an epic battle, considering the dark forces and our heroes racing to reclaim the Circulum and Hira having to choose her side. There are certainly plans to continue the plot.

Until now, unfortunately, Netflix hasn't renewed Dragon Age: Absolution for a new season. On the other hand, Netflix hasn't canceled the show yet, either. Considering that Netflix usually cancels shows after the second or the third season, we may get lucky and have at least one more season for Dragon Age: Absolution.

Or maybe, the heroes of this plot will somehow have an appearance in Dragon Age: Dreadwolf?

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