Dragon Age 4 "Dreadwolf" Gameplay Leaks!

It's a tale as old as playtesting: one of the Dragon Age 4 testers has broken their NDA. But, luckily, it sounds like the game is on a good course.

Dragon age dreadwolf rumour
Dragon Age Dreadwolf sounds like it's being well-developed by the team. | © EA

With Netflix's upcoming Dragon Age: Absolution on the way, fans are getting even more desperate for news about Dragon Age 4, which will be called Dragon Age Dreadwolf. Well, the recent trailer was slightly underwhelming, but this latest news should certainly satisfy desperate fans.

Playtester Leaks Dragon Age Dreadwolf Gameplay Details

A Reddit-user who claims to have insider knowledge from playtesters, as well as images and videos of the game, has just revealed a ton of Dragon Age Dreadwolf gameplay details. The user, u/revanchisto, created a thread on the Dragon Age subreddit to share the following:

Combat is completely in real-time and similar to a hack and slash. I'm told the guiding reference point was the God of War (2018), and that shows.

Player has their regular combo attack and then their abilities as well as a special bar which generates allowing you to pull off a special move. I don't really understand the comparison to FF15's wheel. It's standard Dragon Age ability wheel.

There was no party control demonstrated. I think it's a safe bet to say you will not be able to directly control your party members in the game. That said, you likely will be able to tell them to execute certain abilities. But apparently that was locked off in the Alpha.

The most immediate thing you noticed is that animation quality has DRASTICALLY improved. Like, for any other AAA title it's probably not that big a deal. But we've never seen animation quality this good in any BioWare game. I didn't actually play it, but I can tell it probably feels really good to control your character. No more stiff animations, it's all very fluid and seems also very responsive.

Jumping has also been retained. So, rejoice if you enjoyed jumping a lot in DAI.

As the character was a sword and shield dude, he was able to parry attacks from enemies and follow up with counters. It's hard to tell their exact abilities, they only had two on hotkeys along with a special. But one appears to basically be a drop kick and the other a charged sword attack. I'm not sure exactly what the special attack does.

The UI is similar to DAI, but this is also Alpha and UI is the last thing finalized in any game. Character has a chest slot, a helmet slot, a primary weapon slot, and a shield (secondary weapon?) slot. For accessories, one amulet slot, one belt slot, and two ring slots.

Oh and the player character's hair looked glorious. I mean, it was clipping right through their helmet. But it was flowing and bouncing as they moved. Finally, no more stiff ass hair. Now, let's hope we have more than just two black hairstyles.

Enemies were pretty much just variations of darkspawn, except the dragon, but again they seemed to have Red Lyrium powers.

We know that a lot of these details are true because photos and videos were being shared in the original thread. For obvious legal reasons we won't be sharing the gameplay videos with you, but rest assured, the game is looking really solid right now.

Have these details made you more excited for Dragon Age Dreadwolf? Or, are you too laser-focused on next week's massive release to care?

Here's everything we know about Dragon Age Dreadwolf so far:

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