Drake & Travis Scott Sued for $750 Million

The search for who is to blame for the tragedy at Astroworld has begun, and both Travis Scott and Drake are being sued, along with Apple and many more.
Drake travis scott astro world lawsuit
Are either of the artists to blame for what happened? | © Drake Instagram, Travis Scott Instagram

The tragedy at Astroworld. You heard about it by now. You don't need me to give you the details, but I do need to reiterate that it caused 10 deaths, and 125 victims in total. Now, those who were affected by this tragedy are, rightfully, looking for reasons why. Why did this happen? They're also looking for an answer to the question of 'How could this happen', and now it seems that the latter has found its answer: Drake, Travis Scott, Apple, Live Nation, and others are being sued for $750 Million.

Drake and Travis Scott Sued for $750 Million

Some of you might be wondering why Drake is a part of the lawsuit, and the answer is simple: He appeared as a guest performer and has been named as a defendant, Naturally, all the show's promoters, the labels, and Travis Scott were sued too, as was Apple, who livestreamed the concert on Apple Music.

The lawsuit is lengthy, expensive, and tragic – as these excerpts of allegations prove:

“When Axel collapsed, he was trampled by those fighting to prevent themselves from being crushed. As he lay there under a mass of humanity, dying, the music played and streamed on — for almost forty minutes.
Large groups presumably comprised of ‘sickos’ [Scott fans] outnumber the requested number of police and are already rushing the gates and dismantling barricades. Police begin discussing the possibility of shutting down lots and entrances to try and control access to the event.
[By 8 p.m.] HPD [Houston Police Department] is requesting buses to move the detainees due to the sheer number of unruly individuals. Keeping them detained on site requires resources to be pulled away from other crowd control measures. It is clear that the security personnel and police presence were grossly overwhelmed.

Travis Scott has publically apologized since the incident, but this tragedy is far from over, and it is only getting started, as the victims and their families are looking for some for of retribution and justice. The question that will ultimately have to be settled in court is just exactly who is to blame for this catastrophe.