First Look At New Fallout Series From Amazon

We've just seen Amazon's Fallout show for the first time, let's take a look.

Fallout New Series
Amazon's new Fallout show has huge potential. | © Amazon

After the relative success of Rings of Power, we're delighted to announce that Amazon will continue to put out high-budget TV shows. And because Jeff Bezos has more money than God, when we say "high-budget" we really mean it. Which is exactly what you need if you want to adapt a games like Fallout. Yep, Fallout is going to be made into a TV series by Amazon, and they're already so far along in shooting that we've been given our first sneak peek (pictured above). For reference, we got our first image of the Rings of Power about a year before it premiered, so you can expect a mid-2023 release.

First Image From Amazon's New Fallout Show Revealed

This isn't a leak or a rumor, Amazon themselves revealed their new show based on the Fallout games via Twitter. Here's what they shared with fans:

We don't have nearly as many details about this new series as we do for HBO's The Last of Us series, but we do at least know it's being produced by the man behind Westworld: Jonathan Nolan. You can see him being interviewed about the series here. He's pretty insufferable, but the show sounds promising.

And there you have it folks, your latest hype announcement. But is it hype, or do you expect the Fallout series to be sh*t? We're quietly confident, especially because of how happy we were with The Rings of Power.

You'll need to wait years for this show, why not pick up one of the great games releasing this month to pass the time?