Ninja Reveals How Many Millions He Made in One Month

Ninja money
Ninja was showering in Fortnite dough in 2018. (Credit: thatdenverguy via YouTube)

It was not that long ago when Tyler "Ninja" Blevins was ruling the streaming world. We know he made a lot of bucks in his prime, but we did not know exactly how much. Until the streamer revealed the astonishing numbers himself live on stream.

Even in 2021, Ninja remains the most followed Twitch account and easily one of the most recognizable names in the streaming and gaming community. The soon to be 30-year-old rode the Fortnite wave like no other and made a healthy amount of money along the way. How much exactly? The numbers may cause your jaw to drop, so make sure you take precautions before continuing.


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How Much Money Does Ninja Make?

Ninja is still making a lot, we're sure of that. But it's his 2018 income - the year he took the streaming community by storm, that is the true enigma. In the past, Blevins has spoken of this, mentioning sums in the region of $10 million for the entire year. While that in itself is quite impressive, his most recent stream gave us even more to chew on.

Ninja dropped the bombshell that he has made $5 million off of Fortnite creator a single month. Even his co-streamer was bamboozled, replying that Ninja is making more than his entire bloodline. I mean, yeah, same here, bro.

The most curious part of this is the relation with Tyler Blevins' previous statements on his 2018 income. If he made $5 million in one month, it would be quite improbable that he ended up with just double that amount for an entire year of straight up domination.

Oh well, whatever the real numbers are, they are bound to be unthinkable for any regular folk.

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