The Nelk Boys Are Making $70M A Year

Nelk boys money
The Happy Dad Seltzer is Nelk Boys' latest product. | © Nelk Boys via Instagram

The Nelk Boys are one of the most popular channels on YouTube. A New York Times report suggests that they are making over $70 million a year, despite not receiving any ad revenue from the site.

The Nelk Boys' prank videos accumulate millions of views on YouTube. However, the site's authorities are not in love with their pranks and parties and demonetized the channel in 2020. For most YouTubers, that would be a disaster. Not for the Nelk Boys, though.

How Much Money Do The Nelk Boys Make?

According to a report from the New York Times, the Nelk Boys are making over $70 million a year, just off subscriptions, donations and merchandise sales. That is elaborated upon in an interview with the content creators.

[In] every video we’re swearing, we’re doing some stuff that could be questionable or illegal, we’re making sexual references or drug references. So we were making no money on YouTube at all.

- Nelk head honcho Kyle Forgeard

To make their money, Nelk are creating their own stuff, which people are happily buying. There's standard merch like clothing and hats, and then there's merch like the new Happy Dad Seltzer alcoholic beverage. The demand for it was so massive, that people were waiting in lines to buy one in front of liquor stores.

Of course, the Nelk Boys have dipped their toes into cryptocurrencies and have likely helped these numbers look as impressive as they do. To their credit, they have called out "phony" ads by other YouTubers for supposedly scam currencies.

All of this tells us that YouTube is just an exposure platform for the Full Send crew at this point, and they are more than capable of making a ton of money by other means.

What Net Worth Do The Nelk Boys Have?

The Nelk Boys have a net worth of $1.5 million that they split. This net worth is a result of everything we listed above, being subscriptions, donations and merch sales. Their own shop, Full Send, is another big reason on why their net worth is so high.

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