Want to See Life-Sized Pokemon Fossils? Now You Can.

There is a Pokemon Fossil Museum in Japan, and now you can visit it virtually. Here's how.

Pokemon fossil museum
Stranger than fiction? | © Pokemon Fossil Museum

Pokemon was always gonna be the game that transcends gaming. Let's face it: If there was ever gonna be a real-life Jurassic Park, it would've been Pokemon-based, or rather... it will be one day. Now, the Pokemon Company has taken the first step to realizing that. Well, actually that's not true, the Pokemon Fossil Museum has been in Japan for a while, but now anyone can visit from anywhere. Virtuality be thanked.

How to Visit Pokemon Fossil Museum Virtually

You can now visit the Pokemon Fossil Museum virtually. The virtual exhibit is available untile November and it pits Pokemon fossils right next to dinosaur fossils. When I was young, dinosaurs were cool on their own, but now they need Pokemon to carry them, and that's exactly what the aim of this exhibit is: To teach children about fossils via Pokemon.

Want to see Aerodactyl next to an actual Pterosaurs? You can. Want to see how the T-Rex scales up to Tyrantrum? You can do that too: The museum puts the Pokemon fossils side-by-side with their real life inspiration, and it's actually awe-inspiring. While Pokemon are obviously fiction, the dinosaurs seem no less fictional, yet actually roamed this earth once. If anything, it's looking at the real fossils through the Pokemon lens, that makes the real deal even more inspiring. Good stuff, even virtually. And if that's too much history and learning for you, then there's always the Pokemon reality show...