Indiefoxx Gets Sixth Twitch Ban in Six Months

Indiefoxx banned again
Indiefoxx in shock after Twitch ban! For the sixth time this year... | © Indiefoxx

It's number six! Indiefoxx has been banned from Twitch. How many times have you heard that before? Well, we kind of spoiled it in the first sentence, but it's six times. That must be some sort of record for sure?

Indiefoxx is the gift that keeps on giving. Just when you think it's going to be a slow day at the Twitch ban office, she steps in and changes that.


Indiefoxx Receives Sixth Twitch Ban

June 29 is a day that shall be remembered with the record-breaking sixth Twitch ban for Indiefoxx. The most phenomenal part of it all is that each one of those came in 2021. That's one ban per month. It would take a hundred scientists to figure out how in the hell she is still a Twitch partner.

Indiefoxx, real name Jenelle Dagres, can barely make it through a week without getting banned these days. Not even exaggerating. It was just over a week ago when we were all going up and down, left and right with an opinion on her and Amouranth's bans, which then naturally grew to a larger discussion on sexual content and if it should have a spot on Twitch.

It seemed like overnight, the two reinstated streamers were overshadowed by a different culprit: gambling streams. The internet is a dynamic environment, and you can be forgotten quite easily. It's almost like Indie was not okay with the conversation shifting away from her and onto gambling streamers, and wanted the attention back.

Well, she got it. People are talking again. Talking about how it's ridiculous for someone to get banned twice in ten days, six times in six months, and not get permabanned. Not only that, there's no permanent ban, she remains, to this moment, a Twitch partner! There's the overwhelming expectation that this ban will be as long as all the others before it: 1-3 days. A weekend break, as Indiefoxx joked about her previous ban, only during the week.

We wonder where all that slander about favoritism on the site comes from?

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