Ironheart: Release Window, Plot, Cast & More

With Ironheart we get the Iron Man successor, gearing up to join the MCU. If you want to know what you can expect, since the last couple Marvel releases have been disappointing, you're at the right spot, right here.

The casting looks spot on | © Marvel

If you are anything like me, you probably didn't even know a superhero named Ironheart existed, before Marvel released their projects for the upcoming Phase 5 at Comic Con.

Since the death of Iron Man in the second entry of Infinity War left a gaping hole in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, I have been wondering who might become his successor. Even though Spider-Man and Iron Man had some kind of mentor-successor relationship, that doesn't really cut it. Spider-Man is his own thing!

Talking about Spider-Man. If you play Fortnite, this might be something for you:

But with Ironheart it seems the MCU will get their new Iron Man, even if it is only in style. Her real name is Riri Williams, a young inventor and protégé of Tony Stark (at least in the comics) that builds her own Iron Man suit. In the comics, she kind of is to Iron Man, what Nightwing is to Batman. Someone that might be able to carry on the work of their mentor, like both did in the comics at some point, when their mentor was out of order.

So Ironheart already continued Tony Stark's legacy in the comics. Now, how are they going to include that dynamic in the MCU? Tough one.

This brings up the first question we want to answer in this article, and it's about the plot. How are they going to introduce Ironheart into the MCU? I mean in the series mainly, we already know she will be featured in the new Black Panther movie.

Ironheart: Plot

In the comics, Riri Williams is a genius inventor that shows great promise and grows into the role of Ironheart through the mentorship of Tony Stark... well, that won't happen. Maybe they are going to include that through flashbacks that happened off-screen?

As her first appearance is set to happen in the new Black Panther: Wakanda Forever movie, they might also use Wakanda's technological power as an explanation behind her scientific knowledge. How exactly she would be related to Iron Man in that case, I don't know, so we will have to wait and see.

Regarding an antagonist, The Hood, a crime boss with magical powers, has already been confirmed as the main villain, played by Anthony Ramos. Talking about the cast, here is what we know so far about that.

Ironheart: Cast

So far we know these actors will be featured in the series:

Dominique ThornIronheart
Anthony RamosParker Robbins a.k.a. The Hood

Lyric Ross

Williams' best friend
Many Montanaunknown
Shea Couleéunknown
Harper Anthony

There is also some speculation that Don Cheadle might reprise his role as War Machine in this series, as well as some characters from Wakanda we might recognize. That would make a lot of sense, to be honest. War Machine could show her the ropes, and her first appearance happens to be in the new Black Panther movie, so that checks out.

If you want to visit Wakanda, you might get that chance in this game:

Ironheart: Release Window

Regarding a release date, all we know so far is that it is supposed to premiere in fall of 2023, so nothing concrete. But for everyone curious about Ironheart, you will see her sooner in the new Black Panther movie, as I mentioned once or twice, so don't worry, we will soon see what we can expect.

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