MCU Is Getting It's First Transgender Character

Ironheart is set to be the MCU's next big TV entry, and it will reportedly also feature the MCU's first transgender character.
Ironheart transgeder mcu
Ironheart is gonna try to fill a part of the hole that Tony Stark left behind. | © Marvel

Surprisingly, the MCU hasn't had a transgender character yet. Honestly, I am surprised because it seems like an addition that Marvel would be at the forefront of. Well... it turns out they weren't, so I guess this is the one area where DC and Ezra kind of beat Marvel to the punch. Though... Ezra should kind of keep the punches to TV only...

Ironheart Will Feature First Transgender MCU Character

Ironheart is still in development, but first details are starting to leak, or, more specifically, casting details are leaking and are pointing at the first transgender MCU character to make an apperance. Of course, Dominique Thorne has already been cast as Riri Williams, but now a more recent casting call is looking for a "Black, Latina or Afro-Latina transgender woman who is around 18-22 years old, [who is] unapologetically nerdy [with a] mystical bent and unique sense of humour”.

Which character this transgender woman is supposed to play is unknown - as are most things about Ironheart, which is set to be released in 2023.

Though this is the first transgender character, Marvel has experimented with sexual orientation before: Loki was confirmed as being bisexual, while the Eternals featured a gay superhero in Phastos, and Valkyrie is reportedly going to come out as bisexual in the next Thor movie.

As for Ironheart herself, she will make her debut in the next Black Panther movie, which will then set her up for her own TV series next year.