Colleen Ballinger Has Her Tour Canceled, But That Won't Stop Her From Profiting From The Drama

The Colleen Ballinger Saga continues as her tour gets canceled, but maybe she won't miss out on any money because of her newest big brain move.

Colleen Ballinger
Did she plan for this? | © Colleen Ballinger

The various allegations against Colleen Ballinger (best known for her alter ego character Miranda Sings – at least before this whole disaster started) just won't stop. From inappropriate behavior, to grooming, to now sharing nudes of her former friend without consent, the more allegations just keep on coming. That might have been one hit too much for her to bounce back from.

Obviously, she had to face some major backlash for all the allegations. Now the entire controversy shows serious consequences for her: the rest of her tour has been canceled.

In her show, she performs not only as herself, but also as Miranda Sings. The rest of her tour, that would have gone on until the end of August, isn't going to happen anymore. The links to buy tickets for the rest either don't go anywhere or actually display the show as canceled.

Normally, scandals like those can be navigated in a way where the influencer gets out relatively unscathed. Apologize, swear to do better, promise that you'll learn from your mistakes and to not be that person anymore, take a two to four week breather and come back with a high quality video to do the exact things you did before.

In Colleen's case, she kind of messed up the apology part already with her bizarre ukulele response that wasn't actually an apology to begin with. That was a heavy hit for her to take, but when Trisha Paytas came forward with even more allegations against her? That might have been the last nail in the coffin of her career.

But who needs an ongoing career if you can just claim other's videos? Wait, what?

Colleen Can Now Copyright Claim Her Ukulele Song

Colleen ballinger uke
I'm still not over it. | © Colleen Ballinger

In a recent tweet, Ethan Klein of the h3h3 podcast shared that after playing the song on the podcast, Colleen claimed them.

Uploading her song Toxic Gossip Train to CD Baby, an online distributor of independent music, basically means she now can copyright claim other creators that used her song.

Apparently, she can now either get the videos taken down (effectively “silencing” people who reacted to her song) or even get revenue from others that made their own response using her song.

Ethan Klein is the only one that got claimed that we know of so far, which is a bit weird as the song has been all over the internet for nearly two weeks at this point.

Now, speculations have surfaced that this is why she made her response a song in the first place, to be able to copyright claim reactions. If she did the usual response video other's normally do, using it would fall under fair use for other creators.

Keep in mind: these are all just speculations at this point. So far, neither side have proven without a doubt what has happened.