Colleen Ballinger: Even Trisha Paytas Is Disgusted And For Good Reason

The drama continues: Trisha Paytas speaks out against Colleen Ballinger, feeling betrayed by her former friend.

Trisha paytas vs colleen ballinger
Trisha Paytas calls out Colleen Ballinger. │© Trisha Paytas / Colleen Ballinger

The controversy surrounding Colleen Ballinger doesn't seem to stop, it even gets worse. As if grooming allegations, followed by the most bizarre response video in recent YouTube history wasn't enough, now it's Trisha Paytas of all people speaking out against Colleen.

Trisha Paytas came out with a surprisingly genuine video about her own experience with her former friend Colleen Ballinger. Trisha called her out for making fun of her nudes, using them to hurt her behind her back and acting like a friend to her face.

She also condemned Colleen for the grooming allegations, empathizing how serious the whole story is and reiterates her own stance on the whole "talking to minors" situation which can be summed up by "just don't do it."

Trisha seems calm and collected in her video but is obviously disappointed and hurt by what happened to her. And for very good reason as well – Trisha took a step back from involving herself into internet drama and has been focusing on her mental health.

It seems as though Colleen dragged her right back into one of the biggest controversies by sharing and mocking Trisha's nude pictures. And to top it all off, Colleen apparently sent them to minors as well.

The explicit photos were hidden behind a paywall and not available to underaged people. Trisha claims to have seen proof that Colleen shared those images, even though Colleen denied that.

Trisha being a sex worker is nothing she feels embarrassed about (and she shouldn't!), but says in her video she feels embarrassed and disgusted by Colleen. Sharing those pictures to hurt and make fun of her is "the lowest form of intelligence" according to Trisha. I tend to agree.

The more people speak out, the more dire the situation gets for Colleen. Right now, she seems like the blueprint of a person losing touch with reality and being the worst in every way they could think of.

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