The Life & Times of Ludwig

Life times ludwig
Ludwig is looking a bit more professional now... while sleeping in a car bed on stream. Hmmm. (Credit: Ludwig)

Ludwig, like a lot of popular streamers, comes from a pretty regular background. Today, he is the person with the most active Twitch subs - a record he attained just this week as a result of his massive subathon stream. Also, today: he is the focus of our influencer bio special series.

In this series, we summarize the main events in the selected influencer's life and how they got them to where they are today. Without further ado, here comes Ludwig!

Ludwig Before Streaming

Ludwig Ahgren was born on July 6, 1995, in New Hampshire, USA and moved to Arizona for college 2013. That's when his infatuation with gaming found a particular point of interest: Super Smash Bros. Melee. He appeared in many minor tournaments as a player, but saw limited success.

Taking on the role of commentator, however, is where his social talents really shone. Little did he know that these Melee commentary gigs would be a minor stepping stone towards becoming a major streamer.

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Ludwig the Streamer: Early Days

Ahgren adopted his first name as his streamer moniker once he began doing the job part-time in early 2018. He is now located in California. His success did not explode immediately, partly, because the games he was streaming the most were not particularly Twitch friendly.

Despite this, Ludwig's viewership gradually increased for about a year, and he saw enough potential to go full-time in the beginning of 2019 and start asserting himself on the market.

A Jack of Many Trades

The two years since going all-in on streaming have been very colorful for the New Hampshire boy. Ludwig, for his part, has tried more different things than most of his contemporaries.

He has, among other things:

Not a bad production for a Melee commentator. Perhaps what Ludwig is and probably will remain most known for, is a project that concluded just a few days ago.

Chess life ludwig
Ludwig (blue hoodie to the left) on the cover of Chess Life magazine. (Credit: Chess Life)

The Subathon & Breaking Ninja's Record

By March 2021, Ludwig was living a healthy streaming life and was a well-known act within the community. March 14 marked a point of rapid climb in popularity for him though, as he announced the subathon - a stream that would keep going as long as enough people subscribe to Ludwig's channel.

Even the man himself could not have expected that it would turn out so well. Initially, every sub was adding 15 seconds to the length of the subathon but so many people were subscribing that midway through Ludwig reduced that to 10 seconds and started banning people that abuse the system to keep him on stream for potentially weeks and months.

On April 13, Ludwig had become the Twitch channel with most active subs. The 283,020 subs (as of writing this article) that Ludwig has, comfortably beat the previous record of 269,154, set by Tyler "Ninja" Blevins in 2018, back when Ludwig was a streaming toddler.

Ludwig breaks ninja record
The subathon will probably remain Ludwig's streaming apex. (Credit: Ludwig)

What's Next for Ludwig?

We don't exactly know yet, but we're sure a man of so many interests can come up with another idea that would grab our attention. We only know what he won't ever do again and that's another subathon. Sorry to whoever wasn't here to witness.

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