Live Broadcast From Space: NASA Launches Own Free Streaming Service

"Rockets aren't the only thing we launch," NASA says and I need to come up with another pun about the upcoming streaming service. Shouldn't be... rocket science... right? Alright, I'll see myself out.

NASA Streaming
NASA launches own streaming service. | © EarlyGame

NASA doesn't only care about space, but about us people on earth as well. To make it easier for earthlings to experience the vastness of space and virtually take them for a little joyride on the ISS, NASA is currently working on a digital streaming platform.

If you want to help out with optimizing the NASA online experience, you can do so at their Beta Site. Be sure to leave feedback for them and help with making space available from earth in the best way possible!

Live Streaming From Outer Space

NASA is not only looking to give users an amazing experience on their new website (fair warning: it's super easy to get lost there, but in the best way - it's really fascinating) but also launching their very own free streaming service. Step up your game, Netflix, as NASA+ is hot on your heels!

NASA+ is supposed to launch "later this year", so there's no exact date to report just yet. But NASA announced the service will not only be free, but also ad-free and family-friendly – as if "space on demand" didn't sound good enough on its own. NASA's a group of overachievers in every way, huh? But I'm not complaining!

As to availability, here's what NASA shared: "NASA+ will be available on most major platforms via the NASA App on iOS and Android mobile and tablet devices; streaming media players like, Roku, Apple TV, and Fire TV; and on the web across desktop and mobile devices."

Wanna see what that's gonna look like? Here's the official NASA+ trailer:

So, if you're done with Netflix and the other streaming services, maybe NASA+ is going to be the one for you. I sure as hell will have that on 24/7.

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