Netflix Cancels Will Smith

Netflix is canceling its future Will Smith projects... read on to find out what exactly is happening.
Will Smith Academy resigns
I was tired of showing the picture of him crying. | © The Academy

The Slap. You know about it. You read about it. You saw it. And, if somehow you didn"t... here you go. Of course, there are two camps to every story. To some, the slap is the biggest scandal in Oscar history, to others, the many, many, racial, sexist and discriminatory scandals within Hollywood and the Academy are much worse. But, of course, I can understand when a slap trumps all of that...

Well, anyway, here I am, picking up the Slap, only to tell you, that, no, Netflix is not canceling its Will Smith project because of the slap. But, maybe, I should tell you what specific Will Smith project I am talking about.

Netflix Cancels Will Smith Movie Bright 2

Netflix will no longer produce a sequel to the Will Smith movie Bright, which, honestly, is sad. Bright was meant to be a new franchise, and though the movie itself was kind of trash, the universe behind it was... amazing. Seriously, I loved the idea of Bright, and the potential is endless here, with or without Will Smith, so it's sad to see the whole thing being cancelled.

While Bright 2 is not cancelled due to the Slap, other Will Smith projects are: Bad Boys 4 has been put on hold, while another Netflix drama was cancelled immediately after the Slap and before ever starting production: Fast And Loose. Kind of like Will Smith at the Oscars.