Does Netflix Hate Lesbians? Another Show Canceled

Netflix canceled "First Kill", another show featuring queer female characters. And people are mad about that.

First Kill Canceled Netflix Lesbians Angry
Netflix, what you doing babe? | © Netflix

Netflix is on one. As reported by Deadline, the streaming giant won't pick up "First Kill", its newest teen vampire drama, for another season. The show's first season was a bit rough around the edges, but it garnered a passionate fan base, especially on Twitter. And they are, understandably, mad AF now.

Netflix Cancels Queer "First Kill", Causes Outrage

Netflix hasn't officially commented on the cancellation and didn't explain its decision. According to the report, Netflix most likely killed off "First Kill" because of disappointing viewing figures, at least that is usually the official line. This seems to be the issue here as well, according to the report "the series did not meet thresholds for viewing and completion of episodes." However, "First Kill" actually seemed to be quite successful, as explained by Deadline:

Released June 10, First Kill cracked into the streamer’s weekly Top 10 for English-language TV series with its first three days of release, ranking No. 7 (No. 3 non-Stranger Things title) with 30.3M hours viewed. It peaked at No. 3 in its first full week of release with 48.8M hours viewed, only behind Stranger Things 4 and Peaky Blinders Season 6, and spent one more week in the Top 10 before falling off. The series easily cleared 100M hours viewed in its first 28 days of release.

So, why was the show canceled? Fans are beyond words, with a lot of them absolutely fuming at this decision. Twitter has been ablaze with angry comments and theories. A lot of people suspect an agenda against or lack of trust in queer, specifically lesbian creators by Netflix.

Whatever it might be, Netflix has been making a lot of strange decisions lately. I don't know how much a show like this costs to produce, but it can't be a ton. And instead of stopping their falling numbers, this will only make people unhappier with the platform. Netflix, wake up brother...

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