Netflix on PS5: Why You Shouldn't Use It For Streaming

A lot of people use the PS5 for streaming services like Netflix. But maybe you should think about that again. Here are three reasons why you shouldn't stream Netflix on PS5.

PS5 Netflix
Netflix on PS5? Couldn't be me... | © Sony/Netflix

The PS5 is a great machine, full of ambitious technology and a wide variety of different features. That's why you can do more than just game the latest releases on it. The PS5 is a great multimedia machine, and can be useful to watch movies and shows on streaming services like Netflix, Disney+ or Prime Video. However: If you are watching Netflix on PS5, you should consider not doing that anymore.

There are three good reasons, why you shouldn't stream Netflix on a PS5. You should instead use a Smart-TV, a streaming dongle like Fire TV or Chromecast or, if you want to go old school, use a laptop or PC.

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PS5 Netflix: You Don't Get The Best Image Quality

One of the biggest problems with PS5 Netflix concerns image quality. If you watch a film or TV show on your PS5, you won't be able to get Dolby Vision, the best HDR-format on the market. This HDR format is one of the most advanced technological advancements in terms of HDR and is available for a number of films and shows on Netflix, like Stranger Things and Dark. However, the PS5 doesn't support this format.

For Netflix, the PS5 instead uses regular HDR, which doesn't hold up in comparison. The color grading, contrast quality and overall image fidelity is not nearly as good as with Dolby Vision. This can also lead to the image being slightly muddied and distorted.

PS5 Netflix: You Don't Get The Best Sound Quality

The next reason goes hand in hand with the first one. The same problem with image quality also carries over to audio. Here it isn't Dolby Vision, but rather the audio format Dolby Atmos, that is at the center of the problem. Just like with Dolby Vision, PS5 Netflix can't process and play Atmos. This format is particularly immersive and of extremely high quality, it is used by many programs on the most prominent streaming services. But if you want the best audio quality while watching Stranger Things & Co, you can't get it on a PS5.

PS5 Netflix: You Consume Way Too Much Energy

The last big reason to ditch your PS5 for Netflix, is the enormous energy consumption. Studies have shown, that the PS5 consumes 70-80W during streaming. Believe me when I tell you that this is a lot. That's especially true in comparison to streaming sticks, like Apple TV, Roku or Chromecast, which use 3-6W. The PS5 even pales in comparison to its most direct competitor, the Xbox Series X. Microsoft's flagship console only uses 50W, making it significantly less consuming than the PS5.

You should really consider not using a PS5 for Netflix, the energy consumption alone is worth it. Especially in the current cost-of-living crisis, this saving will make a big difference on your wallet. If you don't have a Smart TV, consider getting a streaming dongle, it will definitely be worth it.