New Daredevil Show Coming to Disney+

A new Daredevil series has been green lit for Disney Plus, possibly featuring a reprisal of Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock.

What's next for Matt Murdock, now that the series has left Netflix? | © Marvel Television

Variety have broken an exclusive story, revealing that a brand-new Daredevil series is on its way to Disney+ and that it will be written and produced by Matt Corman and Chris Ord. Rumors have circled for months about a possible Daredevil reboot, but even now, details are pretty scarce.

Charlie Cox returned as Matt Murdock in Spider-Man: No Way Home late last year, teasing the characters' possible return. Meanwhile, Vincent D'Onofrio reprised Wilson Fisk in Disney Plus' Hawkeye television program. These two surprise reprisals hint at a few things about the upcoming Daredevil series, which would be the first since Netflix famously had to remove all Marvel shows from their catalog.

Representatives of Marvel Studios refused to comment on Variety's investigation, as have representatives for both Corman and Ord. The claim that Matt Corman and Chris Ord will be taking the helms were from as-of-yet unnamed sources, and we were unable to independently verify the claims.

Daredevil Revived at Disney+

With Matt Corman and Chris Ord at the helm, we can probably expect a continuation of the show's mood and atmosphere. These two have previous co-created "Covert Affairs", a show about a CIA trainee who unexpectedly gets promoted to being an operative. The show ran for five seasons and had generally a pretty good critical reception.

What is still up in the air, though, is whether the new Daredevil series will be another season of the pre-existing show, with Charlie Cox returning as the titular character, or a total reboot. Seeing as Cox's Murdoch was featured in the most recent Spider-Man film, and D'Onofrio featured in Hawkeye, we are leaning towards (and also hoping for) the former option.

Back in 2018, Netflix cancelled Daredevil after only three seasons. The decision was likely put down to poor ratings, but was a deep and divisive shame, seeing as Daredevil was critically praised and a hugely popular character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With Disney back at the helm, we hope to see Matt Murdock return along with his mates, and possibly a couple of other licenses as well.

The days of great Marvel TV shows are now slowly pulling away from us, with Daredevil cancelled, unknown plans about a future Jessica Jones season, and things like Luke Cage and The Punisher seemingly shelved. Maybe Disney+ will be the revival we all crave and wish for. Shall we pray? Nah, that won't work, let's just hope...