New Fast & Furious Film Is Set In Space?!

Fast Furious 9 Space
Yeah... Fast & Furious 9 will be set in space! (Credit: Entertainment Access/The Fast Saga via YouTube)

The ninth installment of the fantasticly trashy action movie series "Fast & Furious" will soon be released in cinemas. Meanwhile, the first previews have appeared and one of the most popular theories has been confirmed - the new Fast & Furious movie seems to be set in space? WTF?!

The first time the beautiful image of the Fast & Furious crew in space was conjured was, when a new trailer for Fast & Furious 9 was revealed last month. Not only is this one all about flying cars, you end up seeing popular characters Roman Pearce and Tej Parker there in... Space suits? In a flying car? Well, somehow this series has to outdo itself again and again, so it only makes sense (I guess?) that the family flies into space at some point.

Now the first previews of the film came out, one of them from Polygon. This confirmed what we all hoped for - yes, the F&F crew will go to space.

Yeah, that trailer isn’t a fake-out. There’s space stuff in this movie, which makes it hard to feel like things can get any bigger

Honestly? It sounds incredibly cool. And the trailer looks fantastic. The Fast & Furious movies are known for getting more absurd and crazy with each installment. Now the new movie is set in space?! We are incredibly hyped and hope for even more car nonsense in the future. Maybe the family will soon be playing Rocket League in their spare time? When are we going to the moon? Questions upon questions... we're definitely looking forward to Fast & Furious 9 and the (hopefully fun) space adventure of the hilarious anti-heroes.

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