PewDiePie NFT Is Selling For Millions Of Dollars

There’s a PewDiePie NFT that is selling for millions of dollars. I wish I was joking.

They look so alike, what the hell. | © PewDiePie YouTube

NFTs. They came out of nowhere and now everybody is talking about them like they actually know what they are (liars). I’m going to be honest… after reading into it, I still don’t exactly know what they are, and I couldn’t exactly care to find out, because I’m not rich enough to spend millions of dollars for a PewDiePie NFT that looks like him.

What Is The PewDiePie NFT?

There is currently a fan-made PewDiePie NFT on the market that costs 4 million dollars. What is it? It’s an avatar that looks like him. And you know what the weirdest part is? He had absolutely nothing to do with this. There is somebody out there right now that is selling PewDiePie for four million dollars… an NFT version of him at least. And he didn’t give his consent. Tell me how that’s okay.

I don’t care how popular somebody is, this is just hitting a new level of weird. How can this be allowed? And how can somebody actually earn millions of dollars? Again, I don’t understand NFTs and I don’t want to, this clearly shows that NFTs and people that buy them live in a different universe than me and probably every other middle-class person that doesn’t poop dollar bills.

I’m just glad to see that PewDiePie, who I’m going to assume does poop dollar bills, hates this just as much as me. But maybe that’s a bit different since it’s literally his face that’s being sold… for four million dollars.

Time the aliens invaded. This planet can’t be saved anymore. Elon Musk, time to get your spaceship ready and bring us to Mars.