PewDiePie Says Goodbye To YouTube

The internet legend PewDiePie is saying goodbye to YouTube for now, and that's probably for the best. As he and his wife Marzia get ready for parenthood, a little break might be the best thing for them.

Pewds hiatus
They came a long way – PewDiePie leaves YouTube for his family. │© Felix & Marzia Kjellberg

The time has come: one of the world's biggest influencers Felix "PewDiePie" Kjellberg has announced a break from YouTube.

His reasoning is sound though and we can't be mad at all for his decision. After marrying his long-term girlfriend Marzia in 2019 and announcing her pregnancy earlier this year, it's finally time to prepare for family life. Good for him!

With the couple's move to Japan and the approaching responsibility that comes with being parents, taking a step back from content creation seems like the right choice.

But do not despair: PewDiePie isn't turning his back on YouTube forever. He simply announced that he doesn't know what's in store for him, but as he wants to be prepared and be a good father, YouTube won't be his priority for a little while.

Fans were supportive of his decision and are seemingly just as excited as the soon-to-be dad is. As PewDiePie has taken little breaks from YouTube before for various reasons, we also know the world won't stop spinning.

Just one more thing to say: Congratulations Felix and Marzia!

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