Props to the Pioneers of Fan Engagement

How Team Liquid has paved the way and how FANBLOC.GG is going to take it up a notch!

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Props to the Pioneers of Fan Engagement

Well, to be fair, there has already been a player in the field, who thought that besides gaming and watching others play, there should be more happening for fans. What started as a hobby, driven by passion and entirely voluntary, now has become one of the most successful community sites for esports. The franchise, now worth multimillions, is of course…

Team Liquid.

It started as a website dedicated to the fandom around the game “StarCraft” and as a clan, to get news, discuss the game and connect with other fans. Few years later, the portfolio was extended with other games like “League of Legends”, “Streetfighter”, “Dota 2” and even the EA Sports’ “FIFA” franchise. With the rise of esports, Team Liquid has emerged as one of the biggest gaming franchises in the world, with players participating in tournaments for different kinds of video games. Through strategic partnerships, investments, and acquisitions, they too work towards a richer esports experience for both player and fan.

Recently, Team Liquid has introduced a new feature or a sort of “home” for fans to connect even more with each other and with their favourite games and players. Like FANBLOC.GG, they have realized the importance of their community as every interaction (view, like, tweet etc.) has helped them become who they are today. So, they saw the time has come to reward their fans for their loyalty and support they’ve given to Team Liquid and their players, staff and streamers.

So props to them!

The Pioneers of Fan Engagement in esports!

Everyone at FANBLOC.GG agrees the development is going in the right direction. Because what both have in common is the celebration of being a fan. The need for connection and appreciation is real and they’ve come up with an innovative solution that speaks for itself.

One couldn’t help but wonder though: While they are one of the biggest players in the industry with a massive fan base, it still seems pretty exclusive, as the reward system is only benefiting their own fans. The team behind FANBLOC.GG believes, it should be taken up a notch! No matter what team you’re on, which hero you’re rooting for there is a lot more potential when everyone can join in the fun!

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Everyone join in on the fun | © Pexels/RodnaeProductions

For Everyone and Everybody!

In that event, FANBLOC.GG wants to add more value and open up the benefits to everyone. FANBLOC.GG aims at providing the eco-system for all kinds of fans and players/ streamers in the gaming industry and of course on a global scale. So that everyone can connect and feel closer to their favourite hero through exciting experiences like quests, challenges and other events. To be rewarded for the things they have been doing on streaming platforms anyway. For them to build and showcase their unique fan identity and to engage in many more ways than before and in a gamified environment.

To keep an eye on the developments and even co-create, become an alpha-member and join the FANBLOC Discord channel!