Pokimane Chimes in on "Ethically Ambiguous" Twitch Gambling Streams

Pokimane Twitch gambling streams
Pokimane with a change of narrative on the Twitch gambling streams discussion. | © Pokimane via Twitch

The last week has reignited the conversation on Twitch gambling streams. As usual with major topics, streamers are giving their own opinion on the matter. The latest to do so is Pokimane. She sides with the crowd who's against gambling on Twitch, calling these practices "ethically ambiguous".

Last week, Asmongold made some comments about Twitch gambling streams and seemed to give new life to an old discussion. Over the next few days, a bunch of other content creators on the site have spoken up on the morality of these streams and whether they have a place in a site available to minors. Pokimane gives her own opinion.

Pokimane Calls Out "Sketchy" Twitch Gambling Streams

Pokimane took the conversation further down the line, outside the matter if it's simply okay for gambling to be on Twitch. She went for a broader perspective that looks at the act of promoting gambling sites as a whole. Here's what Poki had to say:

Let's be honest. If you're getting an offer for a casino sponsorship, you're already a multi-millionaire. What, you need to be a multi-multi-millionaire? I feel like once you get to a certain point of wealth, you have so many options available to you in order to generate more income, you are so insanely privileged... I feel like it would be a good idea for people to sit down at that point and think "What am I okay with doing? What is ethically or morally maybe just not worth it?

One of the defenders of gambling sites - xQc, responded to that initial statement negatively, to which Poki came back with the following:

My point was that once you’re a multi-millionaire streamer, you have so many potential sources of income that you can opt to choose the ones that are less ethically ambiguous than promoting gambling sites. You have so many options. You can promote a game, make decent money, it doesn't really hurt anybody vs. making money in sketchier, more negatively impactful ways.

Pokimane is keeping to her image of a reasonable person when it comes to these highly contested topics surrounding Twitch content. Many commended her take on the matter already, and we want to join the chorus. It's rare for a streamer to lay the attention upon streamers and take it away from Twitch.

It's much easier to say "Twitch should do something about it" than to take a look at the creators that engage in these shady activities and seek some moral retribution for their actions. Good job, Pokimane!

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